Marco Francini

Singer, vocal coach, author, composer, winner of songwriting awards.
His vocal research and experimentation “The Voice in Ancient Spaces” is a path of valorization and emotional enjoyment of historical and archaeological places. For several years he has enchanted the public with his performances that reproduce the acoustic reverberations of the most characteristic Italian monuments. An unmissable sound journey through time and space led by the voice of maestro Francini

Echos 1 by Marco Francini

Discover the music of Marco Francini created in symbolic places such as the Flegrea area of Naples, the Temple of Mercury inside the thermal baths of Baia, the Piscina Mirabilis of Bacoli and the Sibilla cave on Lake Averno. Year: 2001 CAPTURE THE SOUND, INTERACT WITH THE NATURE OF PLACES, LET THE MUSIC CROSS YOU!…

Echos 2 by Marco Francini

Compositions rich in harmonies and melodies with harp, cello, flutes, saxophones, trumpet, shells, percussion, guitars. Some fragments feature the narrative voice of the actress Cristina Donadio who immediately projects us into the fantastic atmospheres between past, present and future. Other compositions are unpublished and created by Marco Francini. Year: 2017 The second volume of Echos…