The Voice in Ancient Spaces in the Italian Journal of Acoustics

The research and experimental project of Maestro Marco Francini “The Voice in Ancient Spaces”, presented at the International Conference “The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres”, symposium, organized by the Italian Acoustics Association, TC-RBA of the European Acoustics Association (E.A.A.) and the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics (HEL.IN.A.), held in July 2022, was published in the Italian Journal of Acoustics (RIA).

“It was a great pride to have brought the Piscina Mirabilis, the Archaeological Park of Baia, the Sibilla’s Cave and the places of Echos1 and Echos2, the myth of Aeneas and Virgil, our art and culture, to a parterre in 2022 international and today, thanks to the publication in the RIA magazine, the diffusion of the project “La Voce Negli Antichi Spazi” extends to a wider audience. A great recognition that I am honored by” says Marco Francini.

The Rivista Italiana di Acoustica (RIA), a periodical born in 1977, is published by the Italian Acoustics Association and constitutes its official information and dissemination body. The Rivista Italiana di Acoustica (RIA) is an online and open access magazine with semi-annual periodicity which hosts articles on scientific, technological research and innovative technical applications, review articles, technical notes, case studies and measurement campaigns, in-depth studies that concern acoustics and its various applications. The journal provides free and open access to its contents, believing that making research freely available to the public improves the exchange of knowledge globally.

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