Echos 1 by Marco Francini

Discover the music of Marco Francini created in symbolic places such as the Flegrea area of Naples, the Temple of Mercury inside the thermal baths of Baia, the Piscina Mirabilis of Bacoli and the Sibilla cave on Lake Averno.

Year: 2001
CAPTURE THE SOUND, INTERACT WITH THE NATURE OF PLACES, LET THE MUSIC CROSS YOU! The Echos project is a sound experience within historical and archaeological places. Starting from history we travel through time and we do it with music with improvisations of forms created instantly together with coordinated and previously thought out plots.

The instruments used are strings, wind instruments, some types of percussion and above all voices but also local material such as stones, earth, water, wind, sea. The use of voices, male and female, strongly evokes the myth and life of humanity, as if windows were continually opening in the parallel universe and history was being experienced. All rigorously recorded live with equipment of the highest professional level.

MUSIC by Marco Francini – Arrangements and performance

Marco Francini: voice, guitar, shells
Ilaria Graziano: voice
Bruno Spagna: percussion
Gianni Sorvillo: percussion
Vittorio Bruno: percussion

AUDIO RECORDING by David Aliperti – Audio Recording Express
Cover photo: Toty Ruggieri

◊ Tempio di Mercurio ~ Piscina Mirabilis * Antro della Sibilla

~ Miseno
The arrival of Aeneas
~ The Nereids
~ The Totem
◊ The Alchemical Fire
~ The hunt
~ Bamboo 1
~ The Fauns
~ The dance of Orpheus
* The Sibyl
~ Bamboo 2
~ The Sacrifice