Echos 2 by Marco Francini

Compositions rich in harmonies and melodies with harp, cello, flutes, saxophones, trumpet, shells, percussion, guitars. Some fragments feature the narrative voice of the actress Cristina Donadio who immediately projects us into the fantastic atmospheres between past, present and future. Other compositions are unpublished and created by Marco Francini.

Year: 2017
The second volume of Echos was recorded in the archaeological sites of the Campi Flegrei in Naples, inside the Temple of Mercury in Baia and in the Piscina Mirabilis of Bacoli. The project is conceived as a sound experience that travels through time. The songs are the result of improvisations and interactions between creative musicians.
Marco Francini indicated the route following the very ancient traditions of the Orphic Hymns translated by Pico Della Mirandola.

Marco Francini: voice, guitar, trumpet, shells, stones, local objects
Gianni Sorvillo: percussion, stones, local objects
Marco Di Palo: cello
Riccardo Veno: soprano sax, alto sax and flutes
Paolo Licastro: tenor sax and flutes
Edo Puccini: guitar
Rita Partini: harp
Lorenzo Niego: didgeridoo
Enzo Pinelli: percussion (The Seventh Track and Ocean)
Cristina Donadio: narrator
– – – –
Sound Engineer: Carlo Licenziato
Editing e mastering: Carlo Licenziato e Marco Francini
Executive producer: Marco Francini
Cover photo: Alessia Fresca | 2017

~ Piscina Mirabilis ◊ Tempio di Mercurio

~ To Eros
~ To Giordano Bruno
To the Nereids
~ To the Earth
To the East
~ At the Onda
The Seventh Track
◊ All’Oceano