Temple of Mercury – Baia (Bacoli, Naples)

The archaeological complex of Baia is located in the Campi Flegrei area. Today only what was then the hilly part of the city remains, the remainder being below sea level, which sank due to bradyseismic phenomena around the 7th – 8th century AD.

The Temple of Mercury, also called “truglio” and/or “Temple of the Echo” due to its circular shape, was a frigidarium, that is, used for cold baths. The circular vault, equipped with a central lumen of approximately 4 metres, was made «with large flakes of tuff reduced to the shape of a wedge».


Marco Francini, in the following video, experiments with his voice with reverberation which has a delay of approximately 12 seconds.
This place shapes sounds by enhancing certain frequencies that project into other dimensions. Journey through time and history through the sound of the Voice. Filming by Carlo Licenziato.

Via Terme Romane, 46, 80070 Baia NA